FRS Radio Buyers Guide

Family radio service is a great way to keep in touch without the expense and commitments of a cell phone. Cell phones can be costly and some plans charge extra for incoming, out of area calls. This is never the case with FRS. The FR service is a cost effective way to stay in contact with your family and friends within a localized area.

  • Motorola TalkAbout 250 FRS

The TalkAbout 250 is a powerful two way radio that is very effective for communications under a wide variety of conditions. It has an average range of about two miles. The actual radios are pretty sturdy and resemble a kiddie style, toy walkie-talkie. I assure you this is not the walkie-talkie you played with as a child.

Frs Radio Buyers GuideThere is very little static during communication which is quite rare for an FRS. Most channels are open for conversation between familial parties. The scan lock feature allows you to find and converse with those in your area and frequency. This is a great device that has little to no interference.

The owner’s manual will completely explain what all of the features do and explain how to access them. It is quite comprehensive and easy to understand.

The talk button is an issue. It is located in the center of the radio and can be difficult to hold down while speaking into the device. This radio would be much better if it had a side talk button. The problem can be resolved by attaching a hands-free device to the radio.

Aside from the talk button design issue, this is a great FRS. It is inexpensive and works really well compared to others in the same price range. It is a quality family radio service for the price.

  • Hello Kitty FRS Family Radio Service Communicators

The Hello Kitty Communicators are not only cute and attractive to little girls but functional as well. The Hello Kitty communicators are for two way use only so they cannot be used for a multitude of family members. This is the ideal device for parent and child communication when the child is outside of the family home.

The radios are extremely sturdy and well put together. They are designed to resist any shock from day to day usage. However, they are not waterproof so caution near pools and ponds should be duly noted and heeded.

Because of the pink color and Hello Kitty design, your female child is less apt to lose the device. Items that make a child different in a good way make kids a little more concerned about the safety of that item. Granted, boys will not be willing to carry a Hello Kitty Communicator but honestly, it is one of the best systems for communication other than cell phones.

  • Motorola EM1000

This FRS is ranked as one of the best family radio stations available. The range on this unit is up to twenty miles. That is not a typo; it can reach as far as twenty miles.

There are very few units that can even come close to comparing with the Motorola EM1000 range-wise. This distance allows children greater freedom with the safety of knowing that an adult can be contacted instantly, if need be.

The unit has privacy codes so people cannot eavesdrop on your communications. There is a built in panic button as well as an LED flashlight. These features will help to keep your loved ones safe.

Because this is considered a long range radio, a license from the Federal Communications Commission is required for its operation. One license is all that is necessary for those living at the same address. This radio can also be used as a low powered radio without needing a license. It is wise to have the license if you have the power. The FCC can pinpoint the location of unlicensed users and prosecute them. Be smart if you buy this great device and get a license.